Providence, RI – September 2022

About TeethXpress Immediate-Load Courses

TeethXpress immediate-load implant courses have been called the “best CE” on the subject. TeethXpress courses are designed to teach advanced full-arch, immediate fixed-hybrid implant principles and concepts. Participants observe a live or recorded surgery and denture conversion, receive world-class lectures from clinical experts experienced in full-arch, immediate load and participate in a comprehensive full-arch implant hands-on session. Surgical concepts are taught using an “all-on-four,” five or six dental implant concept.

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Picture of teeth before all-on-4 TeethXpress procedure
Picture of teeth after all-on-4 TeethXpress procedure


TeethXpress curriculum paths meet you where you are. The Conventional, Analog option offers foundational principles and advanced applications for an immediate fixed-hybrid implant prosthesis. The Fully Guided, Digital option focuses on advanced digital principles and applications for an immediate fixed-hybrid implant prosthesis. Click below to learn more about each path.

picture of dr. andrew ferrier lecturing on full-arch

Conventional, Analog

The principles and applications taught in this traditional freehand training on fixed-hybrid dentures are advanced and foundational.

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Picture of Dr. Curry Leavitt presenting at guided TeethXpress course

Fully Guided, Digital

The principles and applications taught in this CT-based guided training on fixed-hybrid dentures are advanced.

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The live surgical portion was fantastic. I really enjoyed going through this course with two of my referring dentists.
- Dr. Mitchell Gubler, Periodontist, St. George, UT
This course is worth its weight in gold.
- Dr. Sharvil Shah, General Dentist, Plymouth, MI
After attending the course, we were able to implement TeethXpress into our daily practice very quickly. I am a surgeon and I was able to bring two of my referring general dentists with me who were also very impressed with the presentation. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their production and offer the most innovative treatment.
- William J. Carter, DDS, MS, Periodontist, Hermitage, TN
The TeethXpress full-arch, immediate-load course is unquestionably the most well-organized, well-presented and 'immediately' useful course I have ever taken. The live surgical/restorative demonstration together with the totally realistic hands-on implant placement and immediate-load prosthetic conversion were the best confidence builders ever! Thank you for providing a seamless solution for myself, my team and most importantly, our patients.
- Dr. Fred L. Bye, DDS, MS, Periodontist, Hagerstown, MD
I think this course was amazing – I can’t imagine how it could have been any better!
- Dr. Franco Cordini, Periodontist, Louisville, KY
One of the best weekends of CE ever! Really well done.
- Dr. Marc Whitmore, Plano, TX
TeethXpress is an amazing course that our surgery and prosthodontic team attended together. There were significant pearls during the course that were very practical to help with predictable outcomes. I have been to several full-arch courses and have not met any team as excellent as Dr. Ferrier, Dr. Sharafi and Allure Dental Studio with the amount of cases they have completed.
- Dr. Michael Drone, Prosthodontist, Valparaiso, IN
First-class setup! Probably the best course I've been to in 10 years of implant training!
- Dr. David Edwards, Prescott, AZ
Dr. Leavitt's lecture and presentation were truly phenomenal. The way he masters digital workflow is brilliant.
- Dr. Wladimir Gedeon, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Danbury, CT
Great course! Love the lecture and live surgery format, especially as a surgeon! My referrals picked up a lot of good, practical information.
- Dr. Francisco Carlos, Periodontist, Falls Church, VA
The hands-on workshop really helped pull it all together.
- Dr. Randall Eggert, Oral Surgeon, Redmond, WA
After attending the TeethXpress course with a group of my referrals, they are pumped about full arch. One has already sent me a consult she saw on Monday after the course. Another said that she has new excitement and passion for dentistry as a result of the course.
- Dr. Aaron E. Quitmeyer, DDS; Diplomate, American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Harrisonburg, VA
Awesome! By far the best course on this topic.
- Dr. Simona Katona, Periodontist, Chicago, IL
This course truly opened my eyes and prompted me to start thinking about all the “internal” patients I can start offering TeethXpress full-arch treatment to.
- Dr. Eman Alsahlani, General Dentist, Waukegan, IL
Impressive course! A streamlined approach with practical application for both clinical and marketing aspects. The hands-on was excellent! I definitely got more than a few pearls.
- Alex Meneshian, DDS, MD, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Long Island, NY
The TeethXpress course was a terrific experience in all aspects. I feel much more confident and excited about this type of procedure after attending the class. We are now ready to make this work for our practice.
- Dr. Kenneth Levine, Periodontist, Tamarac/Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Great course for full-arch cases. Simple approach and streamlined protocols.
- Dr. Rod Gleave, Salt Lake City, UT
Dr Bart Silverman TeethXpress jurisdiction is notorious. His professionalism is extraordinary! I admire his intelligence, integrity and authenticity. His oratory simplicity enchants me!!
- Dr. Kurt Kline, General Dentist, Plattsburgh, NY

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