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3 reasons why you should attend an All-on-X implant course in 2022

Has it been at least four years since you’ve attended an All-on-X, immediate-load implant course? If so, you may be treating your patients with techniques or materials that many clinicians now consider substandard. As with most services, All-on-X immediate-load courses evolve and improve over time. It’s never a good thing for practice growth when competing practices promote cutting-edge clinical advancements that give patients better experiences.

1. Referring dentists who gain familiarity in All-on-X protocols refer more cases

More than 1,400 doctors have been trained through advanced TeethXpress All-on-X courses. Many surgical specialists have returned to TeethXpress courses a second or third time, usually to train a different set of referring dentists. Training referring dentists on the process of restoring All-on-X cases almost always leads to more full-arch case referrals.

dr. andrew ferrier performing all-on-x implant conversion
Dr. Andrew Ferrier demonstrates live All-on-X conversion – San Diego, CA

TeethXpress All-on-X course presenters say that they experienced increasing demand for full-arch, immediate-load cases in 2021 desite the pandemic. This is a consistent theme among All-on-X driven practitioners in 2020 and 2021.

2. Advancements in All-on-X clinical protocols continue to evolve

In 2020 and 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic reared its ugly head on dental implant continuing education. Dental societies and implant manufacturers were forced to either cancel large meetings or hold them virtually. But clinical approaches to All-on-X procedures never stopped evolving and improving.

Surgical and restorative influencers in the dental implant profession continued to find better, more efficient ways to improve patient outcomes, cut chairtime and achieve greater profitability. These same implant influencers are eager to teach many of these cutting-edge processes.

A very good All-on-X course will keep you updated on the latest best practices in full-arch implant dentistry. And it’s the consistent adoption of advancements in All-on-X protocols that ultimately yields optimal patient outcomes.

soft tissue image from dr. curry leavitt's lecture
Implant soft tissue management presented by Dr. Curry Leavitt – Las Vegas, NV

The end goal must always be a satisfied patient outcome. Happy patients share the great news about you with their friends and family as well as with your dental partners.

Some timely insights you should expect to gain through a 2022 All-on-X course includes advancements in:

  • Surgical approaches for sufficient A/P spread, inner-arch occlusal spacing and smile design
  • New approaches to efficiently performing immediate, fixed provisional restorations
  • Final, fixed full-arch prosthetic designs that yield the best long-term, functional results
  • Creative approaches to full-arch patient financing which lead to case acceptance

Another advantage to any clinician attending a TeethXpress All-on-X course in 2022 has to do with gaining exposure to several recent full-arch cases. Some cases were performed using the latest conventional methods while others were performed with the latest fully guided clinical approaches.

3. Meet other doctors who are inspired to help people with All-on-X therapy

If you’ve ever felt like your full-arch business has reached a plateau and you can’t seem to move beyond it, you’re not alone. At some point, most All-on-X clinicians have felt this way. At times it seems that going from one full-arch case a month to two, or consistently going from three to five, may not be possible.

The truth is that successful implant clinicians frequently seek out additional All-on-X courses to help them understand how to break through such barriers. Experienced course attendees often share many of the best All-on-X ideas and concepts with other attendees.

“Very frequently, it’s those spontaneous discussions that are filled with pearls — sparked by a doctor in the audience — that end up benefiting the entire group,” said Marcus Hines, director of full-arch solutions for BioHorizons. It is difficult to spend a weekend in a lecture hall filled with fellow clinicians and not be inspired by their experiences. Beyond the value of seeking the latest clinical techniques and materials, oftentimes being in an environment of skilled, like-minded clinicians inspires doctors to reach their desired next level in full-arch implant dentistry.

dr. bart silverman lectures to teethxpress all on x course
Dr. Bart Silverman demonstrates All-on-X guided surgery – New City, NY

Register for a TeethXpress All-on-X course while seats remain

TeethXpress, All-on-X conventional and fully guided courses usually sell out well in advance. The New City, NY TeethXpress course can be attended either in-person or virtually. Limited in-person seats remain for this course, planned for March 11-12, 2022. More opportunities are available to attend through the virtual option.

The April 1-2, 2022, TeethXpress courses in New City, NY and Providence, RI, have limited seating still available as well. Different from the New City TeethXpress course, the Providence course may be attended in-person only.

Be inspired through an advanced All-on-X course! Improve your clinical protocols and grow your full-arch business. Register for a TeethXpress course today while seats remain!

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