Cleveland full-arch implant course enters 4th year

April 23-24, 2021 – For the fourth consecutive year, dental professionals participated in a comprehensive TeethXpress fixed-hybrid course in Greater Cleveland, Ohio. John Lavicka, CDT, owner of the nationally recognized Dental Ceramics Inc. dental laboratory, hosted the event at his laboratory facility.

Because of the decreasing COVID-19 threat, more than 30 dentists, periodontists, oral surgeons and laboratory technicians attended this in-person opportunity to engage in comprehensive full-arch dental implant training.

Patient circumstances change, often for the better

On Friday morning, Dr. Andrew Ferrier, a practicing prosthodontist in Lafayette, California, began his lecture with a profound point: Individual patient circumstances are always changing. And such changes may involve poor oral functionality or social setbacks influenced by missing teeth.

Dental Ceramics, LLC, Cleveland, OH
Dental Ceramics, LLC, Cleveland, OH

The good news is that dental patients are also affected by positive changes as well, which at any point may involve a new, higher paying job or being a beneficiary of an inheritance. Such sudden changes can lead to increases in discretionary income available to satisfy a much desired oral treatment need. Dr. Ferrier suggested that these changes are always occurring in the lives of patients in need of full-arch implant dentistry.

“I often share the example of my young children’s growth and how they acquire different needs at different stages of life because it is such a relatable example for most doctors,” said Dr. Ferrier. “I’ve been in practice for 18 years now and have witnessed my patients go from periodontal disease and uncontrolled caries to failed dentistry and finally requiring the TeethXpress solution. It’s our responsibility to inform patients of their oral condition at every turn and offer appropriate solutions for the problems they are facing.”

Other topics discussed by Dr. Ferrier included loading dynamics of four, five and six implants, vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO), treating high smile line cases, impression techniques, optimum prosthetic materials, verbal skills and several other related full-arch implant topics.

Live surgery demonstration and immediate denture conversion

Dr. Andrew Ferrier lectures at Cleveland, Ohio, TeethXpress course.

Attendees viewed a live, full-arch dental implant surgery. Dr. Michael Morgan, co-lecturer and sought-after practicing periodontist in the neighboring city of Independence, Ohio, demonstrated an alveoloplasty to generate the required inter-arch occlusal space. “I thoroughly enjoy teaching doctors  these TeethXpress implant procedures,” said Dr. Morgan. “This is one of a few dental procedures that can completely change a patient’s outlook on life.”

Dr. Michael Morgan performs live surgery at Cleveland TeethXpress course.

Dr. Morgan demonstrated the placement of two angled posterior and two axial anterior BioHorizons Tapered Pro Laser-Lok® dental implants in a live surgery. Throughout the process, he dictated to the audience his approach to ridge reduction, adequate primary stability and achieving A/P spread. Two straight and two 30-degree angled multi-unit abutments were used for this case.

Larry Stites, co-owner of the nationally recognized dental laboratory, Allure Dental Studio, located in Tracy, California, was also a part of the clinical training staff.

Stites performed a live dental implant prosthetic conversion in front of attendees. “I was particularly encouraged to see five lab techs present to learn the ins-and-outs of performing these prosthetic conversions,” said Stites. “I always enjoy teaching dental professionals the art behind an immediate-load conversion.”

Hands-on full-arch implant placement and denture conversion

On Saturday, TeethXpress course attendees were able to participate in a comprehensive hands-on session. Through step-by-step instructions from Drs. Morgan and Ferrier and Mr. Stites,  doctors were able to perform the implant placement and immediate denture conversion, on a mandible.

Larry Stites performs the implant prosthetic conversion.

Sanvon Keopraseuth, a laboratory technician out of Kettering, Ohio, was also present. Keopraseuth attended his first TeethXpress fixed-hybrid course more than three years ago. He has since opened a dental laboratory that is almost exclusively driven by full-arch implant prosthetics.

“When I first attended a TeethXpress course a few years back for a better understand of the immediate screw-retained denture protocol, at the time I didn’t imagine I’d eventually establish my own lab from scratch, and soon have it become recognized in the Cincinnati, Ohio area as one of the preemptive full-arch implant labs,” said Keopraseuth. “I encourage other dental lab techs to attend a TeethXpress course.”

There are still TeethXpress course dates available through the remainder of 2021. In a subsequent article, Dr. Ferrier discusses his anticipation for his upcoming September 10-11, 2021, Providence, Rhode Island TeethXpress lecture.

“While I usually don’t get to lecture in Cleveland more than once or twice per year, I know Dr. Morgan and I can count on presenting to a capacity group of mostly midwestern doctors who are eager to learn full-arch,” said Dr. Ferrier. “They willingly embrace both the clinical and case acceptance science behind serving more patients with immediate-fixed full-arch procedures.”

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