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Live Patient, Fixed Hybrid Training

This TeethXpress full-arch, immediate-load dental implant course is unique. Centered around hands-on didactic and live patient training, participants should expect a close mentorship atmosphere throughout this three-day, intensive all-on-x live patient dental implant training session.

Real patients, real dental implant surgery, and real full-arch immediate prosthetic deliveries is what this limited size group will experience.

What You’ll Experience:

  • Patient evaluation and all-on-x case selection criteria
  • Participation in multiple full-arch treatment planning sessions
  • Cone-beam CT and other radiographic assessments
  • Mechanics of performing full-arch, immediate-load, implant surgery
  • Protocols for delayed and immediate full arch
  • Practical experience with effective full-arch implant instrumentation
  • Training in alveolar management and ridge reduction
  • Tactile experience with osteotomy preparation and implant placement
  • Proper multi-unit abutment selection and other common prosthetic parts
  • Rationale and treatment planning for four, five or six dental implants
  • Management of full-arch complications
  • Immediate prosthetic delivery
  • Fundamental protocols for satisfying the required inter-arch occlusal space
  • Rationale for angled and straight posterior dental implants and their advantages and limitations
  • Minimizing chairtime for optimal patient care, efficiency and profitability

Internal Implant Marketing Strategies

Most dental professionals want to perform more fixed-hybrid denture cases. Many still struggle to attract and influence patients to accept high-dollar, full-arch implant procedures.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify and attract a consistent stream of fixed-hybrid denture cases in your practice.
  • A blueprint for patient consultations and proven tools for achieving screw-retained, full-arch implant case acceptance.
  • Strategies for maximizing dental insurance and best practices for affordable treatment financing.
  • How to use proven visual-aids and verbal skills that are proven to close full-arch cases.

Tuition & Payment Options

Tuition: $13,495

Tuition can be split into three equal payments. This payment option is available for the TeethXpress live patient training course only. For more information on payment options, please contact us at info@teethxpresscourses.com.

We have also partnered with , who provides financing options for our live patient training course. For more information on Proceed Finance, please contact Nash Roehr at nash@proceedfinance.com.

Curriculum Schedule

The schedule for this course is subject to change.

Day 1

8:30am–12:00pm: Rationale for full-arch implantology, overview of mandibular full-arch surgery and treatment planning
12:00pm–1:00pm: Lunch
1:00 pm–3:00 pm – Overview of maxillary surgery, implant design/features that are conducive to immediate load
3:00 pm–5:00 pm: Hands-on didactic full-arch surgical exercise
5:00pm–6:30pm: Hands-on didactic full-arch restorative exercise
7:00pm: Group dinner

(Subject to local governance and company guidelines.)

Day 2

8:30am–9:30am: Case review
9:30am–12:30pm: Live patient full-arch surgery, and straight/angled multi-unit abutment delivery
12:30pm–1:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm–4:00pm: Live patient denture conversion and delivery of immediate fixed full-arch provisional prosthesis
4:00pm–5:30pm: Discussion of prosthetic considerations: design, prognosis, maintenance
6:30pm: Group dinner

Day 3

8:30am–9:30am: Case review
9:30am–12:30pm: Live patient full-arch surgery
1:00pm–1:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm–2:30pm: Lecture, prosthetic techniques
2:30pm–5:30pm: Lab exercises: initial impression, verification jig, final impression, custom tray

25 CE Credit Hours

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