Stacy Feffer-Farley

Co-Founder, Full Arch Sales Academy San Diego, CA Full-Arch Fundamentals Fully Guided, Digital Live Patient Training Photogrammetry, 3D Printing

Stacy Feffer-Farley is co-founder of Full Arch Sales Academy and sales and finance manager for New Day Smile Dental Group. Now an all-on-x case acceptance expert, Stacy’s journey into the dental industry began unexpectedly, ignited by her father’s groundbreaking work in removable implant technology. What initially started as familial support soon evolved into a passionate commitment.

With a bachelor’s degree in communication and business complemented by more than two decades of sales and sales management experience, Stacy found herself uniquely positioned within her field; however, it was a revelation of the national average for full-arch dentistry case acceptance — merely 20 to 30 percent — that fueled her determination for change. Through immersive one-on-one training with her father, Stacy honed a distinctive skill set, evident in her remarkable ability to earn the trust of seven out of 10 individuals to whom she presents cases.

Recognizing the widespread challenge in full-arch case acceptance, she is committed to affecting change and empowering dentists to successfully communicate the value of their services to patients. Ultimately, Stacy’s mission is rooted in offering individuals the opportunity to reclaim their lives through full-mouth dental implants.

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