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Guided fixed-hybrid implant training in Las Vegas

TeethXpress will hold its final All-on-X guided implant course of 2022 on October 7-8, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This advanced full-arch training will be taught using a stackable guide treatment planning approach. Sixteen (16) CE credit hours will be offered.

headshot of Dr. Curry Leavitt, TeethXpress All-on-X instructor.
Dr. Curry Leavitt, Periodontist, TeethXpress guided implant course instructor.

You’ve seen the noted periodontist, Dr. Curry Leavitt as a panelist for the ever-popular Toast the Host implant series and other advanced dental implant courses. Now see him in person at his Red Rock Periodontics & Implantology training facility for an intensive two-day All-on-X live surgery demonstration course. Attendees will participate in a comprehensive hands-on training session and view a live surgery.

New guided surgery material

Dr. Leavitt will present several new All-on-X cases and cover the new chromium cobalt nSequence guide design.

“The feedback from doctors who attended our hands-on full-arch guided course in January was so positive, we had to make room for another date this year,” said Dr. Leavitt. “Since then, I’ve added new material that covers several immediate, fixed-hybrid implant cases, including the new nSequence guide design. I can hardly wait to share these experiences with colleagues.”

Live guided All-on-X immediate fixed-hybrid prosthetic conversion

Not only will doctors participate in a comprehensive hands-on, didactic guided surgery training session, they’ll also have an opportunity to watch Dr. Leavitt perform a live surgery and immediate, fixed-hybrid prosthetic conversion. A CT-based stackable guide will be used. The live surgery will involve a partially edentulous maxillary arch. Four to six dental implants and multiunit abutments will be placed using the BioHorizons Tapered Pro implant system.

Dr. Curry Leavitt All-on-X guided surgery training.
Dr. Leavitt demonstrates implants placed through CT-based All-on-X guide.

Other topics covered in this guided All-on-X course include:

  • Immediate fixed-hybrid dentures in the mandible vs. maxilla
  • Root banking in coordination with full-arch implant placement
  • Minimize chairtime for efficiency and profitability
  • Vertical dimension of occlusion
  • Large dollar treatment financing and increased case acceptance

Prior course attendees were outwardly complementary of the pearls they received on digital treatment planning. “Dr. Leavitt’s lecture and presentation were truly phenomenal,” said Dr. Wladimir Gedeon, OMS. “The way he masters digital workflow is brilliant.”

Proceed Finance bring clinical and large-dollar treatment finance expertise

As one of the nation’s most experienced implant laboratory technicians, Jeff Carlson, CDT, Senior nSequence Implant Specialist, will be present to support this digital learning experience.

TeethXpress All-on-X dental implant course, CE, Las Vegas, Dr. Curry Leavitt
Doctors participate in All-on-X training at the Red Rock Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Supporting Dr. Leavitt and the TeethXpress team in training doctors on this advanced, guided, implant protocol is quite humbling,” said Carlson. “Dr. Leavitt is so down to earth and has a way of engaging doctors that makes this course an exceptional learning experience. Before you know it, doctors are not only learning from his lectures, but they’re picking up invaluable pearls from each other.”

Proceed® Finance will make their treatment financing resources available to attendees. With GreenSky, Inc. choosing to exit the patient financing space, effective July 2022, there aren’t many financial institutions left to meet patient financing needs for larger dollar treatment expenses.

Large dollar treatment financing is a critical component to case acceptance. Proceed Finance will discuss their ability to offer up to $75,000 in unsecured treatment financing. Patients who need full arch implant dentistry are more likely to accept proposed treatment plans when monthly payments are affordable.

“Anyone attending this October TeethXpress course can expect to be in for a great learning experience,” said Dr. Leavitt. “I’m excited just thinking about it!”

There may be no better time to visit Vegas than in the fall, according to U.S. News & World Report. Travel expenses are lower than the summer and winter months and high temperatures begin to drop into the low 70s.

Remaining space is limited. Register today to reserve your seat.

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