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TeethXpress full-arch implant courses return to Providence

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced TeethXpress course organizers to cancel a 2020 Providence, Rhode Island, full-arch implant course, organizers were very disappointed.

“We had been building tremendous momentum and a reputation for offering some of the best full-arch, immediate-load trainings over a series of consecutive sold-out events. Then came COVID,” said Lana Shoultz, senior director of Practice Development at BioHorizons. “At the time we really didn’t know when we’d be back in-person. Needless to say, doctors kept asking for new TeethXpress course dates. So we anticipated demand for TeethXpress fixed-hybrid courses would be just as strong as they were pre-COVID. Needless to say we’re excited now to offer a second 2021 Providence date this coming fall!”

dr. ferrier lecture
Dr. Ferrier discusses best practices in achieving adequate A/P spread for the maxillary arch

The May 14–15, 2021, Providence TeethXpress course was the first to be held on the East Coast in more than a year and a half. And it came roaring back with high praises. Limited to 75-percent capacity by state regulations, the course sold out in no time.

On a scale of 1 to 4 — with 4 being the highest — attendees rated the Providence course 3.9 on average. Dr. Diana Bronstein called the course an “Excellent presentation, outstanding staff,” and said she “learned a lot…”

Attendees of the March full-arch implant course were anonymously polled on their vaccination status. Consistent with the national doctor average, 96 percent of doctors attending this course were at least partially vaccinated. Now doctors will have another opportunity to attend a fall TeethXpress immediate-load course in Providence with the confidence of knowing their colleagues are vaccinated.

September TeethXpress course will offer live surgery and hands-on training

full-arch analog hands on training
Drs. Sharafi and Ferrier guide doctors through fixed-hybrid hands-on training.

September 10–11, 2021, doctors interested in learning the immediate fixed-hybrid protocol will have another opportunity to attend an in-person TeethXpress course. This live surgery demonstration will be taught by top full-arch clinicians Dr. Andrew Ferrier, prosthodontist, and Dr. Arshiya Sharafi, oral surgeon. Drs. Ferrier and Sharafi have performed a combined 5,000 implant-supported full-arch cases.

This advanced two-day course will involve full-arch driven content including:

  • rationale and best practices for alveoloplasty
  • mandible vs maxilla considerations
  • full-arch complications
  • treating the high smile line patient
  • when to consider zygomatic dental implants
  • immediate fixed-hybrid conversions protocols
  • increase case acceptance through internal marketing

“Proper full-arch training encompasses so many relevant topics with vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO) being at the forefront,” said Dr. Ferrier. “Not understanding how to adequately address a patient’s VDO can lead to expensive disasters in immediate-load cases. I’m looking forward to sharing more of my experiences in Providence and hopefully helping doctors avoid costly and common full-arch mistakes!”

live full-arch surgery
Full-arch surgery/conversion performed live for TeethXpress course attendees.

It’s reasonable to come away from a TeethXpress full-arch course feeling confident in one’s ability to perform these procedures the following week. Even clinicians experienced in fixed-hybrid procedures can expect to pick up multiple pearls. Register now while seats remain.

Attendees will also witness a live all-on-4 procedure for the maxillary arch. The patient selected for the live surgery demonstration is a 76-year-old male who is partially edentulous. A detailed hands-on surgical and restorative training session also helps make the TeethXpress course a unique experience.

“Doctors routinely tell Dr. Ferrier and I that they learned a great deal by watching us perform the immediate-load surgeries and conversions together,” said Dr. Sharafi. “But I tend to believe it’s the comprehensive, didactic hands-on exercises we put them through that really brings it all home.” Surgeons leave the course with a printout of each presenter’s slide deck as well as the mandible they worked on during hands-on training session.

Surgeons, referring dentists are encouraged to attend full-arch course together

The inherent advantages of a surgeon and a restorative doctor, training together on the immediate fixed-hybrid protocols should not be underestimated. The surgeon and the dentist frequently experience the interdependence of their respective procedures for an optimal outcome. GPs and prosthodontists who choose to perform the surgery and restoration will benefit from this training format as well.

TeethXpress course group dinner
TeethXpress course attendees enjoyed a Friday night group dinner.

“Among the most invaluable insights I’ve gained from personal mentors like Drs. Ole Jensen and Stuart Grave has to do with the importance of approaching implant surgery with the restoration in mind,” said Dr. Sharafi. “It’s always best when surgical specialists attend these courses with their restorative colleagues for the best outcomes.”

Founder of Precision Craft Dental Laboratory and fixed-hybrid denture expert Rich Napolitano, CDT, has been teaching immediate-load procedures at his Providence facility for many years.

Rich Napolitano demonstrate conversion
Rich Napolitano, CDT demonstrates live immediate-fixed denture conversion during live surgery.

“I can hardly wait to welcome Drs. Ferrier and Sharafi back to the East Coast in September,” said Napolitano, CDT. “I’ve always enjoyed teaching alongside of clinicians who are among the best at what they do. And maybe after the course, I can get them on the boat for some good bluefish and mackerel fishing!”

One of the most common patient objections when it comes to full-arch implant procedures is “price.” Proceed® Finance will be on-hand to discuss their unique ability to provide up to $70,000 in treatment finance to patients interested in full-arch implant dentistry. Presenters will discuss marketing and best practices in full-arch treatment acceptance, designed to help you generate more full-arch, immediate-load patients. For more information on TeethXpress full-arch course dates by Drs. Ferrier and Sharafi click here.

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