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Sold out Sept. 2021 Providence TeethXpress course – few San Diego seats available

If you’ve attended a TeethXpress full-arch immediate-load course, you know firsthand that the learning experience is exceptional. The recent September 2021 TeethXpress Providence, Rhode Island course was no different. This capacity group included 30 attendees from Maine, New York, Florida and other neighboring states.

Picture of Dr. Ferrier lecturing in Providence, RI TeethXpress attendees.
Dr. Andrew Ferrier discusses CT scan of dental implant candidate at Providence TeethXpress course.

Dr. Andrew Ferrier began his lecture by addressing the esthetic F-Point, required interarch restorative space and the anterior/posterior (AP) spread. Other topics included treating the high smile line patient with All-on-X, implant splinting techniques, and mandible versus maxillary considerations.

“Frequently clinicians overlook certain critical requirements that can lead to issues with phonetics, screw loosening or prosthetic fractures,” said Dr. Ferrier, prosthodontist and course co-presenter.

“Performing a comprehensive new patient exam that includes recording orientation records for the maxillary arch, taking intraoral and extraoral photographs, and obtaining accurate records is all critical to the success of All-on-X, fixed-hybrid cases.”

Dr. Ferrier went on to demonstrate the “hinging affect” of an All-on-4 prosthesis that’s been designed with posterior cantilevers. Referencing the Magnitude and Distribution of Occlusal Forces[1] study, he discussed the fact that anterior screw-loosening in a fixed, full-arch implant case could be caused by an overextended posterior cantilever.

Picture of Dr. Arshiya Sharafi lectures about full-arch immediate-load implant surgery.
Dr. Arshiya Sharafi discusses full-arch flap design and implant surgery placement.

“From a long-term restorative perspective, this is one important reason that your surgeon must achieve adequate AP spread during the implant surgery,” Dr. Ferrier stressed to the group.

Critical concepts in full-arch, immediate-load implant surgery

Dr. Arshiya Sharafi, oral surgeon and course co-presenter, addressed the group from a surgical perspective. Dr. Sharafi emphasized the significance of implant positioning.

“In full-arch cases, there are multiple benefits to having your implants emerge so that they favor the pallet or lingual,” said Dr. Sharafi. “Optimal multiunit abutment emergence for my restorative dentists is among the most important reasons that I do this.”

Dr. Sharafi encouraged the use of Leukocyte-Protein Rich Fibrin (L-PRF®) membranes. “I use L-PRF membranes frequently in All-on-X procedures. I like the highly predictable L-PRF results that the IntraSpin® system produces,” he explained.

L-PRF membranes offer a unique biologic signature that has the ability to enhance surgical outcomes with a slow release of growth factors, proteins, leukocytes and cytokines during the critical wound healing phase.[2] IntraSpin is FDA-cleared and CE-marked for the production of L-PRF.

Dr. Sharafi went on to demonstrate techniques for measuring the ridge while avoiding the mental foramen and the soft tissue restorative value of a clean, interrupted suturing approach.

Live TeethXpress full-arch, immediate-load patient demonstration

Providence TeethXpress course attendees witnessed Drs. Sharafi and Ferrier perform an immediate-load case live. Dr. Sharafi narrated doctors through his process of maxillary soft tissue flap design, ridge reduction, bone measurement and other surgical techniques critical to the success of full-arch, immediate-load cases.

Pic of Dr. Arshiya Sharafi in TeethXpress live surgery demonstration.
Dr. Sharafi performs immediate-load surgery at Providence TeethXpress course.

Four BioHorizons Tapered Pro dental implants and multi-unit abutments were placed. Following the surgery, Dr. Ferrier demonstrated the immediate-fixed denture conversion. Attendees learn his methodical approach to applying best practices in capturing the patient’s vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO).

Dr. Ferrier showed attendees his approach to confirming multi-unit abutment torque values and verifying complete passivity between the denture and titanium copings.

Working closely with Richard Napolitano, CDT, the immediate denture was used to capture the positioning of the multiunit abutments. Napolitano walked dentists and lab technicians through his denture conversion process.

“Drs. Sharafi and Ferrier are so effective in demonstrating the surgical and immediate fixed-provisional process,” said Richard. “This really makes it that much easier for me to train dental lab technicians on converting the denture for a smooth pickup,” said Napolitano.

Comprehensive full-arch, immediate-load implant hands-on training session and treatment finance

TeethXpress course attendees participated in what many doctors have considered to be the most comprehensive full-arch, hands-on didactic training available.

“We make every effort to have doctors and lab techs leave the full-arch hands-on session feeling confident that they can do this on Monday morning,” said Marcus Hines, BioHorizons director of full-arch solutions.

This three-hour hands-on, immediate-load training session allowed doctors to practice the following techniques:

Soft tissue flap designMental foramen identificationRidge reduction
Angled implant placementAngled multi-unit abutment placementFixed-denture conversion

For as many clinical pearls that were offered through this TeethXpress course, large dollar case acceptance strategies were also highlighted. Mrs. Becky Kopecky, vice president of operations for Proceed Finance, discussed the case acceptance value of helping patients finance large dollar dental implant procedures.

Picture of Richard Napolitano teaching dentist and lab tech the process of performing a prosthetic conversion.
Napolitano demonstrates immediate fixed-denture conversion process to dentists and lab techs.

“The more you can make a patient’s $25,000 or $50,000+ TeethXpress treatment plan look like a car payment, the more full-arch cases you’ll close,” Becky explained to the group. “Ninety-four percent of patients expect their provider to tell them about payment options, including long-term financing.[3]

Proceed Finance offers unsecured treatment loans of up to $70,000 over an extended period of up to 108 months. The average Proceed Finance maximum approval is close to $44,000. This makes dental implant treatment much more affordable for many more patients.

November marks the last opportunity to attend a 2021 TeethXpress course

Who should attend a TeethXpress course?

If you are looking for an advanced full-arch, immediate-load conventional implant course, this is it! The last remaining course of 2021 will be held November 12-13. What better month is there to get away to sunny San Diego, California?

Picture of dentist participating in TeethXpress course hands-on training session.
Dr. Shaun Janvier participates in TeethXpress immediate-load hands-on session.

How much is TeethXpress course tuition?

TeethXpress course tuition is based on each attendee’s classification. Implant surgeons pay $3,095 to attend. This could be a surgical specialist or a GP who chooses to perform implant surgery. Implant surgeons are provided with a mandible to participate in the surgical hands-on session.

General dentists who attend the course with a surgical specialist will pay the lessor tuition fee of $1,095. Dental laboratory technicians who choose a traditional analog TeethXpress course will pay $595 to attend.

Are meals included with tuition?

Breakfast, lunch and an optional group dinner are provided on Friday. Saturday includes breakfast and lunch.

What are the TeethXpress course dates for 2022?

2022 TeethXpress immediate-load course dates are coming soon! You’ll find the on the Events page of TeethXpressCourses.com once posted.

How many CE credits are offered?

A total of 16 CE credits are provided for both days.

[1] J Duyck 1, H Van Oosterwyck, J Vander Sloten, M De Cooman, R Puers, I Naert. Magnitude and distribution of occlusal forces on oral implants supporting fixed prostheses: an in vivo study. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2000 Oct;11(5).

[2] Michael Toffler, Nicholas Toscano, Dan Holtzclaw, DDS, et al. Introducing Choukron’s Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) to the reconstructive surgery Milieu. J Implant & Adv Clin Dent. 2009 Sept; 1(6): 21-32.

[3]Source: Becker’s Hospital Review, December 18, 2018; https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/finance/94-of-patients-expect-their-provider-to-tell-them-about-bill-payment-options-survey-

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